Best Water Testing Kits for Biofloc Farm, Bottom Clean Tanks, Ponds, Recirculatory Systems, Portable Water, Laboratory Use


Water Testing Kits for Biofloc Farm, Bottom Clean Tanks, Ponds, Recirculatory Systems, Portable Water, Laboratory Use

Lifesonic water test Kits

Water Quality

Water quality is one of the most important factors in fish and shrimp farming. Irrespective of type of aquaculture practices, maintaining optimum levels of water quality parameters is fundamental for both the health and growth of farmed aquatic species.

If you want to Read more on the Water Quality parameter and the optimum range required for fishes then you can follow our article:

Water Testing Kit

Water testing kits are the packages of reagents and glassware required to carry out particular test. In the packages, along with the reagents and glassware, details procedure for testing the water quality along with reference color chart /tables are provided for finding out the final reading. There is several water testing kits available in the market. Some are very expensive and sometime unaffordable by the fish farmers and other stake holders. In order to provide the low cost testing costs, Multinational Aqua Research Centre is recommending one brand which is both efficient as well as economical for the farmers. Those kits can be purchased online from the website of easily and the item will deliver to door steps. The rates of the kits on this site are available at much discounted price as compared to other platform.

Parameters that can be measured using Water testing Kits

  1. Water pH

pH denotes level of acidity of basicity of any medium. Most of the aqua life in your tank/pond likes and thrives on the pH ranging from 6.5 to 8. Different species have different pH needs and any irregularity in pH may harm the fish in very distressing way even kill them. The Lifesonic pH test kit enables the user to determine and monitor the pH of tank/pond water in very easy and economical way. The test kit comes with a unique blend of chemicals with pH dependent color changing capacity. The kit can detect pH from 4 to 11 in 19 different variations. Using this kit the pH can be measured in just 10 seconds and a kit can provide over 200 tests 


  1. Dissolved Oxygen

Lower Dissolved Oxygen content in aquarium or fish pond or biofloc tank directly leads to death of your precious aquatic animals. Lifesonic Dissolved Oxygen kit lets you know the dissolved oxygen levels of your aquarium/pond water. Unlike many other oxygen test kit which take 30 minutes or more for results, Lifesonic Dissolved oxygen kit gives you results within 5 minutes. The Lifesonic Dissolved Oxygen kit can be used to do 100 tests in very low expense.

  1. Salinity

Salinity is an important factor for fish farming and its optimum range changes with the species.  Fishes can be categorized as Freshwater, Brackish water as well as marine water and their salinity tolerance range changes with the category. 

  1. Alkalinity

One of the most important parameter, which often gets ignored in fish farming. Most of the time it is found that the water pH is in the suitable range, however, the alkalinity of the water is far below than the desired level. Low alkalinity gives rise to a stress condition for fishes and they often attacked by the opportunistic pathogens. 

  1. Hardness

Improper hardness and alkalinity may lead to acute to chronic stress responses. Disturbance in the osmoregulation may also occur.

  1. Iron

Iron is present in nature in the form of its oxides, or in combination with silicon or sulfur. The soluble Iron content of surface waters rarely exceeds 1 mg/L, while ground waters often contain higher concentrations. The Indian Drinking Water Standard for iron is 0.3 mg/L, as Iron concentrations in excess of 0.3 mg/L impart a foul taste and cause staining. High concentrations in surface waters can indicate the presence of industrial effluents or runoff. Higher iron content of water also affects the wildlife life fish, prawns etc. specially in closed systems like biofloc or RAS systems. Test your water with Lifesonic Iron test kit before using the water to safeguard your health and the health of your livestock. 100 tests per test kit. Must have test kit for Biofloc. Can be used in Freshwater & Marine both. 

  1. Chlorine

Chlorination of tank/pond water is a regular exercise to maintain healthy tank/pond but it is necessary that the chlorine levels of water remain within safe concentration to avoid stressing of death of aquatic life. The Lifesonic Chlorine test kit enables the user to detect the level of chlorine in the tank /pond water after chlorination. Each kit provider over 200 tests and determines 0 to 4 PPM of chlorine concentration. The kits contain only one chemical which upon mixing with sample produces varying intensities of yellow colour depending on the chlorine concentration. Higher color intensity denotes higher concentration of chlorine in sample. 

  1. Ammonia

Ammonia poses a great threat to the aquatic life and works as a silent killer in apparently well maintained aquariums/ponds. It is very difficult to determine the presence of ammonia without testing the water sample chemically. The Lifesonic ammonia test kit enable the user to determine the present ammonia levels within 5 minutes and at very low expense. This test kit follows the colorimetric method of chemical detection and the presence of ammonia in water is indicated by varying intensities of yellow and green color. The Yellow sample color indicates absence of ammonia, while green color indicates presence of ammonia in lethal quantity. By this kit user can perform over 100 tests and can determine the ammonia levels from 0 PPM to 8 PPM. 

  1. Nitrite

This is an intermediate in the oxidation of ammonium to nitrate, a process which is carried out naturally and by the bacteria in biological filters Nitrosomonas spp. converts ammonium to nitrite. Nitrobacter spp. converts nitrite to nitrate. 

  1. Nitrate

Nitrates are the by-product of organic decay. Over feeding or absence of nitrogen cycle may cause the rise in nitrate levels in your tank/pond. These nitrates in higher concentrations are harmful for aquatic life and also promote growth of algae and other planktons, which results in odorous and unaesthetic look of your aquarium / pond. The Lifesonic Nitrate test kit may detect the small amount of nitrates within 5 minutes. The kit comes with three chemicals which upon mixing in recommended quantity produces varying intensity of magenta/red color. Higher the intensity of color, means higher the concentration of nitrate in your sample. Lifesonic Nitrite test kit can provide reading from 0 PPM to 160 PPM and over 150 tests can be performed from each kit.

  1. Phosphate

Phosphates are the by-product of organic decay. Over feeding or use of excessive amount of phosphorus containing products in tank/pond may increase the phosphate levels. Phosphates are plant fertilizers and excessive amount of phosphate in your tank/pond may invite the plank tonic growth and in higher concentration kill your aquatic life. The Lifesonic Phosphate test kit enable the user to detect even the minute levels of phosphates in water and a kit may detect 0 to 5 PPM of phosphate concentration. Each kit provide over 180 tests and the chemicals in the kits produces varying intensities of blue color upon mixing in recommended concentration.

  1. TDS

Total dissolved solid measurement requires electrode based meter. Electrode based meter are available in our site and it can be easily used for measuring the TDS of any water. TDS plays an important role in fish farming mainly for the biofloc based fish farming.

Reasons to Buy Water testing Kits

  • To monitor quality of water where fishes being farmed
  • To monitor the quality of water in the aquariums
  • To maintain the water quality required for keeping/farming particular fish species
  • Maintaining the water quality enhances the growth of fish and increases the profit to farmers
  • Maintaining water quality prevent the occurrence of fish diseases

Advantages of using water testing kits of over other brands

  • Less expensive
  • Accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Minimum cost per tests
  • No extra equipments required for carryout the test
  • Test can be carried out easily on farm as well as off farm
  • Results can be obtained within few seconds to minutes

Optimum Range of Water Parameters for Fish Farming

Why to buy Water Testing Kits from SabseSastakart

The price of the kits at the always remains cheaper as compared to other ecommerce sites. We try to keep the margin as low as possible in order to cater services to the poor farmers of the country. If they can get farm inputs at low cost then only they can get more profit by reducing cost of production. Multinational Aqua Research centre is always working in the line of helping fish farmers of the country. Farmers can contact us for any kind of supports in our whatsapp number: 7005820412.

The best water testing kit for monitoring and maintaining the water quality of your biofloc tanks, bottom clean tanks, aquariums, drinking water, aquaculture ponds, raceways tanks, re-circulatory aquaculture systems, village ponds, water supplies are only available at SabseSastakart dot com.

We are selling various kits of water testing at the most reasonable prices. It is always better to buy India made products instead of imported product as the Indian brand LifeSonic products give accurate results and have sufficient precisions that required for maintaining the water quality for growing fishes at optimum level as well as in a sustainable manner.

Lifesonic water testing kits are being used by many laboratories of India and the results are in line with the results that are given other imported testing kits that are available in the market.

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