Fish Breeding Hormone


Induce Breeding of Fish

Earlier days fish breeding was used to be accomplished by pituitary gland extract of other fish. However, the process is very tedious and labour some as well it needs a skilled person. However, with the development of science synthetic hormones were being used widely throughout the world and presently an Indian company, Brihans Laboratories Pvt. Ltd. have developed a composition for inducing fish breeding in fish. and it is being sold in the market in the name of Spawn Pro. Spawn pro is an alternative to Ovaprim, Ovatide and WOVA-FH etc. It has better stability as well as can be stored at room temperature. It doesn't require storing at refrigerator or fridge. 


fish breeding hormonedescription of spawn pro

Spawn Pro

To induce spawning in Carps, catfishes and many other species of fishes.


Each ml. contains

  • Salmon Gonadotropin Releasing Hormone Analogue 20 mcg
  • Domperidone BP 10 mg
  • Propylene Glycol IPQ.S.


To induce spawning in Carps, Catfish and many other species of fishes.


  • Stimulates milt production for a longer period and for greater volume.
  • Moves fish forward in the spawning season.
  • Maximizes reproductive potential in all spawners within a population.
  • Conserves genetic material in a population, between populations or in endangered stocks.
  • Coordinates maturation during the normal spawning season.
  • Spawns a population in a shorter period of time.
  • Moves offspring through life stages as a tightly-packed group according to spawning date
  • It is an alternative to Ovatide, Ovaprim and any other synthetic hormones used for breeding fishes
  • No need to store the hormones in refrigerator or fridge
  • Can be stored at Room temperature


  • The general dose of SPAWN PRO is 0.5 ml per kg body weight of fish. The dose may vary among species and location.
  • Female Fish 0.3-0.5 ml/kg
  • Male Fish0.1-0.2 ml/kg


  • 10 ml. Vial

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