One of the mysterious places of Tripura is Chobimura

Chabimura is principally famous for its beautiful and mysterious rock carving on steep mountain walls. There are many huge images carved on the Mountain of Chobimura. The word Chobimura is derived from two words, chobi and mura; Chobi means picture and mura means hills.  Many pictures of Hindu Gods and Goddesses such as Shiva, Vishnu, Mahisasurmardini Durga and many others have been carved on the steep mountains of the river bank. This is the reason why this place is also called as “Devatamura” or the “Hillock of the Gods”. Still, it is totally unknown about the reason behind such carvings and even the person responsible for creating such carvings are also not known. Some reports suggest that such carvings were of 15 century thus giving you a sneak peek into the rich Tripuri Culture. The Jamatia indigenous people of the region worship these carve as Chakras Ma.

Chabimura or Chobimura (Bengali: ছবিমুড়া) is also known as Chakwrakma or Chakrakma. There are huge carved images of Lord Shiva, Vishnu, Kartika, Mahisasura Martini Durga and other Gods and Goddesses. The image of Mahisasura Martini Durga is the biggest idol in rock carvings of about 20 feet tall. Beautiful images are curved with a lot of skill by an unknown artist on the rocky faces of Devtamura which is steep at 90 degrees. The hill ranges are covered with thick jungles and earlier one has to reach this abode of gods only after trekking through these jungles. However, last few years the place has been opened for tourists and the development of proper facilities required for exploring the tourism potentiality is under process by the Department of Tourism. The pin code of the Dabtamura hills is 799101. Actually the Debtamura hill is the starting point of Chabimura. Chabimura Park is under construction in the area and Chabimura cottages are also under development.

Chobimura is located at Haakwchak or Haakchak Amarpur (Subdivision) under Gomati District of Tripura. It is a place for adventure-loving people. It is also known as the Tripura’s trekking destination. The place is covered with thick rainforest and seems like the Amazon River forest.

Hon’ble Chief Minister of Tripura, Mr Biplab Deb has called this place as the “Amazon of Tripura” due to this resemblance with the rainforest of Amazon. And really the place looks like of Amazon. This is a one of the must-watch place of Tripura and it is not much expensive for the explorer and travel freak

How to travel to Chobimura?

It is only 82 km far away from Agartala Airport (capital of Tripura). From Amarpur main town it is just 7.5 km away. The road trips from Udaipur to the destination are adventurous and exciting. It is around 30km away from Udaipur. If you are lucky, one can see wild elephants while travelling to the destinations. The place is full of biodiversity and many endemic animals and birds can be seen while reaching to the place.



Those who love to watch wildlife as well have the hobby of wild photography can spend a wonderful time in the place with their camera and gadgets.


One can reach the place, Chabimura by hiring local buses, cars, bikes etc. From Agartala to Amarpur daily bus/jeep/taxi services are available. One can board on public transport from Nagerjala Motor Stand, Agartala. If you are travelling by public transport to reach Amarpur then from Amarpur to Chobimura boat station can be reached by Auto, Tomtom (e-rikshaw) or by any other convenient means of transportation. As direct public transport from Agartala to Chobimura may not be available always. It is always advisable to take the hired vehicle for the convenient to-fro journey and it may take around Rs 3000 to 5000 for hiring a vehicle for the whole day. The whole journey can be completed in a day; however, if anyone is interested in enjoying the beauty of the place more closely then they can stay at Amarpur for day 1-2 in hotels/guest house and have the experience of rural and wildlife. For accommodation and food, one can stay at Sagartika Parjatan Niwas, Amarpur and Chabimura Cottages. However, pre-booking is always advisable. For convenient experience, it is always advisable to have lunch from Udaipur and then to proceed to the place, as good hotels and restaurants are available in Udaipur. However, works are under process to open new hotels and restaurants in Chobimura itself. It is always good to carry snacks, drinking water and other necessary items before starting the journey from Udaipur. People are visiting the place with their private cars and road conditions are suitable for SUV type vehicles, however, the author has taken his sedan car (Ciaz ZXi+) to the destination without much trouble. As the roads are narrow, steep as well serpentine, experienced drivers are only advisable to drive from Amarpur to Chobimura. Anyone who wants to take hired vehicle can visit Matarbari, Udaipur and Chobimura, Amarpur, both on the same day. If you are going for one day then starts your journey from Agartala early in the morning before 8 am so that one can return back by 8 pm to Agartala. Try to reach the Chobimura destination before 1 pm. It takes around 1:30 to 2 hours to explore the main attractions of the Chobimura by Speed Boats. The manual boats may take several hours; hence, pre-planning should be done in prior before starting the journey. The hiring charges for the speed boats are around Rs2100/- and one can share the charges with other visitors. The locality is the habitat of the Indigenous Tribes (Jamatia) and local assistance can be sought from the Jamatia Village. They are very kind and helpful.

Chobimura is a place of woods, rocks, caves and water. One of the largest rivers of Tripura, Gomati is flowing through the place and making it more attractive and mysterious. However, it is still a mystery as to why such exquisite carvings were carried out in such a remote location. The caves of Chobimura have not been explored fully and waiting for the explorer and scientist of around the world to explore it further. One can communicate in English, Hindi and Bengali with the local tribes.

Till date, mainly two caves have been seen by the tourist and reported. However, inside the deep jungles, many more caves are supposed to be present. 1st cave is near the carving of Maa Durga and is at 10-15 feet height from the river water level. Sometimes the cave gets covered with leaves and branches of trees. The 2nd cave is little far from the Maa Durga idol and may take 20-30 minutes to reach the cave area by speed boats. One needs to walk for 8-10 minutes to reach the mouth of the 2nd cave from the bank of the river. The 2nd cave is water locked and very unique place. The total journey is adventurous and every moment you will face surprises. The scenic beauty of the way to 2nd cave is an awesome and most favourite place for selfie freaks. The background and natural lighting condition in the place gives a unique atmosphere for photography.



Mysteries of Chobimura

Mysteries about the Chobimura according to the local tribes as well as tourists, there are certain mysteries or blind believes which are as follows:

  1. Massive snake inside the cave guarding a large bounty of ancient treasure
  2. The caves are the way to Heaven
  3. Many unique and unknown sounds come out from the caves
  4. People realised some attractive fragrances inside the caves
  5. Some tourist called this place the black hole as mobiles lights are not enough to see the place properly
  6. The caves are very narrow inside and normal person cannot enter easily and the mystery remains unrevealed beyond that


Things to Carry while travelling to Chobimura

If anyone wants to explore the mystery of the caves of the Debtamura, then he/she must go in a group and should carry heavy-duty torches, some hard sticks, gumboots, extra clothes (if get wet), towels etc.


Then why to wait, pack your bag and start your journey to explore the untouched.

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