1. Low investment of Approximately Rs. 30000-40000/- only for the installation of 4M dia tank depending location and labour cost
  2. Production of 600 kgs of Biomass can be achieved within 5 months of proper culture technology.
  3. Return on Investment (ROI) is within one harvest.
  4. Suitable for India Tropical conditions as well as
  5. In Temperate condition can be cultured through environmental manipulation
  6. Almost all types of fishes can be cultured.
  7. Food fish, as well as Ornamental fishes, can be cultured in biofloc systems
  8. The environmental friendly aquaculture system
  9. Efficient alternative system to traditional aquaculture system
  10. No wastage as nutrients are continuously recycled and reused
  11. Sustainable system
  12. Minimum or zero water exchange
  13. microorganisms  (biofloc) has two major roles:
      1. Maintain water quality
      2. Act as food for fish and provide nutrition
  14. Reduces FCR (Feed Conversion ration)
  15. Decreases Feed Cost
  16. Increases Vertical production
  17. Minimum water discharge and reuse of water prevent eutrophication or organic pollution
  18. Ecofriendly or green approach technology
  19. Minimum exchange of water retain heat and avoid temperature fluctuations
  20. BFT is also called as 
    1. ZEAH or Zero Exchange Autotrophic  Heterotrophic  System
    2. Active-sludge  or  suspended  bacterial-based system
    3. Single-cell protein production system
    4. Suspended-growth systems
    5. Microbial floc systems
  21. Biofloc mass is also referred to as Biofloc Meal
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Use our Biofloc Pond supplies and accessories from Sabse Sasta Kart to maintain your fish and grow them at best growth rate. Biofloc technology (BFT) is New in India and it is the future technology for all the fish farmers of our country.

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You can get:

  1. Biofloc tanks
  2. Tarpaulin tanks
  3. HDPE protective liners
  4. Shed
  5. Imhoff Cone
  6. Filters
  7. Air Pump
  8. Air Pipe
  9. Air Stone diffusers
  10. Skimmers
  11. Cleaners
  12. UV sterilizers
  13. Fish food
  14. Algae removal additives
  15. Flex Hose & Clamps
  16. Water Test Kit
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  18. Fish Nets
  19. water pH meter
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