SabseSastaKart (SSK) is basically a platform designed to connect the manufacturer of a product and a customer for the product. The purpose of the SSK  is to cut down the cost of the commodities drastically. We offer this platform for everyone to sell their items at the discounted price under our terms and condition. The motive of the move is to benefit the farmers of the country to supply discounted inputs required for their farms as well as to connect them to the end users of the farm produced so that the farmers receive the reasonable price of their produce. Hence, it may help to maximize the profit of our poor farmers in two ways: one by getting discounted farm inputs for their farm production and second by getting the maximum price for their farm produced through SabseSastaKart.com. SabseSastakart is here to benefit both the ends in a vice-versa way. 

SabseSastaKart is for all, we are aimed to benefit our society in every possible way we can. We are aiming to make available all kind of products required by the consumers at any stage of their life.

It's an initiative to help our countrymen to fight against the Inflation. We are also aimed to build our society in a better way and we are committed to utilizing our 30% of the profit every year for the purpose of building free coaching classes or schools for poor students/ generate employment opportunities for our energetic youth, etc. We may not be able to solve all the problem, however, we are dedicated to contributing a bit to it. 

Hoping that the people of our country will like our initiative and will help us to help them back and vice-versa. 

Presently, we are operating from two places:

Head Office:

Puthiba Debta Bari Road
Abhoynagar, Agartala, Tripura (W)-799005