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Valueman Argu Free Plus

Secondary Infection in External Parasite Infested Fish

  • Argulosis can cause severe damages to the fish in all kind of water bodies
  • They are very lethal and may cause mass mortality of fish
  • They are very contagious and need stringent action to eradicate from the system
  • Traditional salt treatments are even not working properly to eradicate them
  • Argulus spp have become salt-tolerant and can even tolerate more than 5ppt salinity
  • Valueman Organic is bringing you an effective medicine to treat Argulus infestation from water bodies in the name of Valueman Argu Free Plus
  • It is a unique blend of aqua-medicines that can prevent:
      1. Argulus
      2. Gill parasites
      3. Gill flukes
      4. Lernea
      5. Ergasilus
      6. All stages of external parasites

Argulus Infested fish

  • it improves growth rate
  • reduces mortality by removing stress
  • remove all kind of external parasites
  • improve immunity
  • improve wound healing capacity
  • prevent secondary infection


Dosage: it can be applied through:

  1. Feed as 500gm/ton of feed for 4-5 consecutive days

  2. Water medication at 500gm/acre in the fish pond
consult fisheries professional for more detailed application


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