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 Approximate sizes of fish*


Pigeon Red Map Discus - 3-3.5"
Pigeon Snake Skin Discus -3-3.5"
Pigeon Red Stone Discus -3-3.5"
Red-White leopard Discus - 3-3.5"
Super Yellow Melon Discus - 3-3.5"
Super White Face Red Melon Discus - 4-4.5"
Blue Checkerboard Discus - 5"
Pigeon Red Stone Discus - 5"
Pigeon Giant Flora Discus - 3-3.5"
Leopard Discus - 5"
Platinum Albino Red Eye Discus - 3"
Red Eruption Snakeskin Discus - 4-4.5"

(*These are not the standard size categories of fish and it varies with the variety of fish)


Note: The color pattern/intensity or size of the actual fish may vary from the picture. Cash on Delivery is not available for fish or any live products. Company won't be responsible for the death of fish after the delivery. No refund/ No exchange /No compensation request will be entertained. For 100% satisfaction visit the facility of Mamani Aqua Research Centre. Delivery of a live item depends on the availability of good stock. If the stocks are not available after ordering, then we will contact you for changing the order (www.marctripura.com).


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