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  • Imhoff Cone is also called as Imhoff flask or Imhoff tank or Imhoff sedimentation tank
  • It is a chamber suitable for quantifying biofloc during biofloc fish culture practice
  • It is also used in the processing of sewage
  • Also used for clarification of sewage by settling and sedimentation, along with anaerobic digestion of the extracted sludge. 
  • Imhoff cone is used to measure biofloc quantity and for any kind of biofloc fish culture, biofloc up to 40ml is used as a maximum limit
  • Imhoff cone is used daily for biofloc technology (BFT) for monitoring purpose
  • Material: Borosilicate
  • Capacity: 1000ml
  • Colour: Transparent
  • Pack Type: Box
  • Material: Glass
  • Take the biofloc water of 1 litre in the cone and then allow them to settle for 15-30minutes
  • Readings are observable after 15-30 minutes of settling time
  • Colour of the floc can be used to predict the nature of the culture system
    • The Brownish colour indicates best biofloc
    • The Greenish Colour indicates algal growth
    • The Blackish colour indicates the anaerobic condition i.e., bad condition


    1. Low investment of Approximately Rs. 30000-40000/- only for the installation of 4M dia tank depending location and labour cost
    2. Production of 600 kgs of Biomass can be achieved within 5 months of proper culture technology.
    3. Return on Investment (ROI) is within one harvest.
    4. Suitable for India Tropical conditions as well as
    5. In Temperate condition can be cultured through environmental manipulation
    6. Almost all types of fishes can be cultured.


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